NSW: Safe Buildings Summit – Defects Management & Facade Innovation

The days for cutting corners are coming to a stop as, state-by-state, governments are implementing stricter regulations and pledging millions to fix Australia’s construction crisis through large-scale remediation programs.

Compounded by the effect of state-wide lockdowns, there is an urgent call to action for organisations to revisit current policies and practices; to discover corrective solutions to get the industry back on track and ensure the safety, quality, and compliance of our nation’s buildings.

Returning for it’s 8th iteration, The Safe Buildings Summit: Defects Management & Façade Innovation is curated to help organisations prepare for future reforms and restore confidence in Australia’s
construction market. Gain the latest updates on new legislation and remediation projects, unpack innovative solutions around funding and construction, and apply core teachings from practical case studies.

Hear from over 20 industry leaders as they discuss the latest on:

  • Meeting compliance requirements within the designing and
    construction process according to changes across the regulatory
  • State-wide led remediation and rectification programs across
  • Funding and financing of building defect management and
    remedial projects
  • Emerging best practice solutions and innovation to address
    rectification within non-conforming building products and
    combustible cladding

Join NSW Representative, Gordon Stalley and other Fire Industry and Safety Panelists as they talk about:

  • Identifying critical fire safety engineering techniques, testing and assessments
  • Unpacking the latest fire engineering solutions targeted at improving building safety
  • Streamlining the remediation process to make complying with fire safety standards easier
  • Involving fire authorities within the building design phase

To find out more and book your ticket, visit the Safe Buildings Summit website HERE.