Standards Australia Consultation – AS 4428.6:2018

A proposal is currently before Standards Australia Committee FP-002 (Fire Detection, Warning, Control and Intercom Systems) to revise AS 4428.6:2018, Fire detection, warning, control and intercom systems РControl and indicating equipment, Part 6: Alarm signalling equipment.

The NFIA has written to Standards Australia in support of the proposal on behalf of its Members.

The effect of this proposal is twofold. The proposal seeks to correct an oversight (to allow a site to be partially tested) which may remove the need to have fire watch personnel during testing.

It also responds to a request by NSW Fire and Rescue to send high level data (which specifies the location and type of each alarm activation in a building) to the alarm monitoring centre and on to the fire brigade. The fire brigade can then tailor their response to the alarm based upon the information received, therefore making better use of brigade resources. The ability to tailor responses to fire event also has the potential to greatly benefit the community from a safety perspective.

The product standard for the ASE (AS 4428.6) must be modified in order to send the high-level data and to support partial standing, as intended through this proposal.

For more information about the proposal, please contact the NFIA Office.

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