About NFIA Australia

The National Fire Industry Association, Australia (NFIA) is the peak Fire Protection Industry Association of Australia. NFIA stands for high standards, a great industry and works with Members to achieve success.

We represent a wide and varied Membership from the smallest sub-contractor through to large international construction and service businesses. We are proud of our trade and we are proud of our industry. NFIA is your association and your voice for your industry.

Real Fire Protection

Better Industry

Real fire protection means great work is done by an industry with professionals with the right skills and experience. It means proper licensing to reflect the skills and experience needed by both workers and businesses. It makes for a safer Australia.

No cowboys and no shortcuts. No dumbing down to the lowest common denominator. A defined trade and an industry that people want to be in and where they can succeed without compromising on safety.

Success in Business

Safer Community

A successful business needs to operate in an environment where it can thrive. We want to see a sector where businesses are sustainable and can use their expertise to achieve a competitive advantage. A level playing field means that Effort = Reward and that is what the NFIA and our Members want.

No compromise on work. Good standards and good products. A whole chain focus that never compromises on quality throughout design, certification, installation, maintenance, inspection, testing and consultation. All working to the highest standards and complementing each other.

NFIA Highlights
NFIA Code of Conduct