About Us

“YOUR association and YOUR voice for YOUR industry”

NFIA stands together with our members who work at the frontline of fire protection in Australia

The National Fire Industry Association (NFIA) is an Australia-wide community of Fire Protection contractors and their people, suppliers, friends and stakeholders representing a wide and varied membership from the smallest sub-contractor through to large Australia-wide construction and service businesses.  NFIA is full-on, hands-on cohort of contractors, their suppliers and supporters who are passionately committed to improving the industry.

NFIA’s vision is of an Australian world-leading fire protection industry.

NFIA’s mission is to partner with our members to realise that vision by improving training to our fire protection workforce, by improving the quality of fire protection work undertaken and by lifting the professionalism of our industry.

NFIA’s success is measured by better outcomes for customers, rewarding career opportunities for the industry’s people and a safer Australia for everyone.

NFIA believes that by continuing to grow the character, spirit and performance of our Industry, we create a better future for those who will follow us and for their customers.

Most importantly, NFIA “walks the talk”

NFIA stands against:

  • Short-cutting quality work.
  • Cutting back on required training.
  • Allowing cowboys and mediocrity to
    drive our industry.
  • Compromised fire protection, putting customers and community at risk.