The Australian Fire Safety Practitioner’s Accreditation Board (AFSPAB) was established in 1994 as an independently incorporated association to assess and endorse fire safety designers, testers, and practitioners in Victoria.

During its 28 years of operation, AFSPAB has consistently endorsed skilled fire safety professionals who are industry leaders in Fire Protection. Applicants for AFSPAB endorsement are assessed on having exemplary knowledge, skills, and experience, and go on to perform life-critical Fire Protection work to the highest standards.

Having worked closely for many of AFSPAB’s 28 years of operation, the NFIA and AFSPAB have been working together to enhance the AFSPAB Scheme.

As part of this, the NFIA – AFSPAB Scheme will facilitate the application and endorsement of Fire System Practitioners, in the following categories:

  • Sprinkler Systems – Unlimited
  • Sprinkler Systems – Limited to Residential and Domestic Systems Only
  • Detection and Alarm Systems (including EWIS and OWS)
  • Hydrants/ Hose Reels – Unlimited 
  • Hydrants/ Hose Reels – Limited to Single Pressure Zone

The NFIA has created a Committee of Industry Experts and Stakeholders to oversee the functioning of the Scheme, including matters relating to assessment, complaints, and misconduct.

For further information on the AFSPAB – NFIA Scheme, and for copies of Policies, Procedures and Forms not linked below, please do not hesitate to contact the NFIA Office or email [email protected].

Policies, Procedures & Forms