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Why “Personalised” is reality at NFIA: Insights from a NSW Member

Running a business can often be overwhelming – balancing numerous responsibilities, adhering to regulations, and ensuring your team’s prosperity. For many of us in New South Wales (NSW), finding the right industry association is like discovering a safety net. Personally, I’ve found no safety net sturdier than the National Fire Industry Association (NFIA).

Upon joining NFIA, the distinction was clear. It wasn’t merely about accessing resources and expert advice; it was about having a dedicated team by my side at every turn. In NSW, we’re privileged to have a dedicated NFIA Officer, alongside the CEO, actively engaging in events and meetings. This isn’t just rhetoric – it’s a genuine commitment to understanding our unique needs and challenges.

I can always be ensured that I won’t have any wait time when I need assistance. With NFIA, a simple phone call or email connects me with someone who knows my business inside out. Whether it’s addressing a HR dilemma, or navigating intricate agreements, Shannon’s expertise is just a call away. I know that I cannot receive such personalised Industrial Relations (IR) support, from someone that knows the Fire Protection industry inside and out, elsewhere.

However, NFIA isn’t solely reactive; they’re proactive advocates for our industry. I’ve personally witnessed their tireless advocacy efforts, both at state and national levels. Their ability to secure tangible victories for our industry, ranging from negotiating on our behalf with local government, to more consistent and comprehensive licensing frameworks, instils immense confidence in their dedication to our success.

The fortnightly Members’ Update is full of state-specific and national updates, conveniently delivered to my inbox. Whilst the Members’ Portal is another invaluable resource, with tailored fact sheets and resources. No more sifting through irrelevant information – NFIA ensures I have the relevant knowledge precisely when I need it.

Ultimately, the NFIA’s impact is far more than resources and expertise. It’s about saving time, money, and stress. It’s about having a team of committed professionals in my corner, advocating for my business and aiding in informed decision-making. It’s about fostering a genuine sense of community and support, assuring me that I’m not alone.

If you’re a business owner seeking more than just an industry association, I implore you to consider the NFIA. They’re not merely providing services; they’re offering a personalised partnership, a safety net, and a community that genuinely prioritises your success. Believe me, that differentiation is invaluable.

Join me and discover the NFIA difference firsthand.

Greg Hunter, Extinguished Fire, NSW Member


What being a Member of the NFIA really means

I’ve been a Member of the National Fire Industry Association (NFIA) for 2 years now with Bayside Fire Services, and I can honestly say that it’s been one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. I have had a 9 year relationship with the industry under other stakeholders.

As a fire protection contractor, it’s my job to stay up-to-date on the latest industry standards and practices. The NFIA provides me with access to a wide range of training and development programs, including webinars, online courses, and in-person workshops. These programs have helped me to improve my skills and knowledge, and they’ve also given me the confidence to take on new challenges.

In addition to training and development, the NFIA also provides me with access to a network of industry professionals. This network has been invaluable to me, as I’ve been able to get advice and support from my fellow experienced professionals and peers. I’ve also been able to collaborate with other members on projects, which has helped me to grow my business.

The NFIA advocates on behalf of the fire protection industry. This is important to me and my business, as it ensures that my business interests are protected. They work with government and other stakeholders to ensure that the fire protection industry is represented and that our voices are heard.

Another specific benefit that I have received as an NFIA Member is that my team have been able to connect with other NFIA members. These members have been able to provide us with advice and support on a variety of projects and pick up in areas we don’t cover, offering a full service to our customers from trusted professionals.

Overall, I’ve been very happy with my experience as an NFIA member. The benefits I’ve received have been immeasurable, and I would highly recommend NFIA to anyone who is serious about their career in the fire protection industry.

Keryn Waters, Operations Manager, Bayside Fire Services