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“A passion and commitment to improving the industry – that’s what makes NFIA UNIQUE

NFIA has a vision of a world leading fire protection industry. We believe in building a better industry with real fire protection, a safer community, and successful businesses.

This means:

  • Supporting Members to achieve their goals
  • A defined trade that is properly licensed;
  • Skilled, qualified, and professional trades who do great work that makes Australia safer;
  • Competitive and thriving businesses sustainably operating on a level playing field;
  • A whole supply chain focus from design through installation to maintenance;
  • Best products, highest standards, and no compromise on work


Our new easy-debit system makes it easy to manage your Membership with monthly payments. We know our Members join because they care about their industry and the work we do to safeguard it, but it helps that the value of Membership can more than cover the cost. As the table below shows. Your Membership of NFIA is just a saving you haven’t made yet.

This means you can save over $22,000 with an NFIA Membership

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